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The 2,000 Days Pledge includes a promise that families will support their child’s strengths and challenges through and beyond high-quality early learning experiences. Teachers play an essential role by welcoming families into these partnerships and helping them understand that education extends beyond school hours.


When teachers register, 2,000 Days will send Pledge cards for teachers to take with their students' families.

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How you can get your
school involved

Schools can be an invaluable resource by promoting 2,000 Days in various ways, such as distributing Pledge cards, promoting the Pledge in newsletters and other communications, and by engaging school administrators into the movement.

By promoting 2,000 Days, schools will have an additional third-party voice advocating for greater family involvement, home learning and parental involvement with their child's educational process.

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How you work
with parents

2,000 Days encourages teachers to engage families into the movement as quickly as possible; ask them to take the Pedge and use the process as a way to keep families involved in their child’s education. Teachers can encourage specific home activities and even use 2,000 Days tips to extend their own curricula.

How you can help students succeed

Encouraging children to learn both inside and outside of the classroom as early as possible is the greatest lesson a teacher can impart.This is particularly valuable as families become more involved in their child’s early development.Teachers can use the 2,000 Days information in an effort to reinforce their own recommendations and further the cause of parental involvement.