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There are an infinite number of ways to help, and we want to involve as many groups and individuals as possible.

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The research is clear: Early childhood development holds the key to a multitude of societal challenges. By engaging children immediately from birth into the education process, long-term positive effects can begin to take shape.

They include reading and math comprehension levels, kindergarten readiness, school aptitude, retention rates, high school graduation rates, employment, matriculation, college graduation, continuing education, economic stability, sustainability and ongoing social advancement.

Education is widely held as a remedy for far-reaching social challenges. 2,000 Days is a movement designed to build a stable and sustainable educational foundation in every child from birth to kindergarten and beyond.

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2,000 Days can’t reach its goals on its own. The movement relies on a myriad of partner agencies to help families help their children. But this is much larger than a collaboration of service agencies. To be successful, 2,000 Days needs the help of a wide range of advocates, including corporate sponsors, schools, community groups, businesses and individuals.